Add These Food Holidays to Your Calendar to Get Free Food All Year

Add These Food Holidays to Your Calendar to Get Free Food All Year

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Let’s simmer on this idea for a moment: Free food year-round. Depending on where you live, there is a good chance you can score some free meals all throughout the year—you just need to know when to look for these deals so you can plan accordingly. A simple Google search with the following holiday names plus your area should yield results of deals near you.

Jot these holidays down on your calendar now to remind you to search later for local deals:

National Buffet Day: Jan. 2World Nutella Day: Feb. 5Pizza Pie Day: Feb. 9Great American MEAT-OUT: March 20National Spanish Paella Day: March 27National Burrito Day: April 7, 2022 (First Thursday in April)National Prime Rib Day: April 27Totally Chipotle Day: May 5National Hamburger Day: May 28, July 28 and Dec. 21International Sushi Day: June 18National Fried Chicken Day: July 6National Hot Dog Day: July 21National Chicken Wing Day: July 29National Chicken and Waffles Day: July 30International Beer Day: Aug. 8National Bacon Lovers’ Day: Aug. 20National Gyro Day: Sept. 1National Cheeseburger Day: Sept. 18National Quesadilla Day: Sept. 25World Vegetarian Day: Oct. 1
National Taco Day: Oct. 4
International Beer and Pizza Day: Oct. 9
World Food Day: Oct. 16Food Day: Oct. 24National Sandwich Day: Nov. 3National Nachos Day: Nov. 6National Pizza with Everything Day (Except Anchovies): Nov. 12National Pastry Day: Dec. 9National Fried Shrimp Day: Dec.20Bacon Day: Dec. 30

Once you have your targeted holiday, look up restaurants, bakeries, or shops in your area, call a few days ahead, or stop by in person to ask if they are doing anything special for that day. Even if they have nothing planned, there is a chance they might put something out last-minute or even treat you to a deal for being aware of the holiday.

Another great place to check is on social media. Restaurants will often post ads using the name of the holiday with the hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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